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SaaS for Renewable Energy & Attribute Certificates (GOs) Business and Inventory Management

EMS Softmax©® is a cloud-based Software as a Service (SaaS) that enables inventory monitoring, tracking, controlling, and auditing of EU produced & Netherlands renewable energy & certificates (GOs) for wind, solar, biomass, solar-thermal, water, geothermal and CO's (for disclosure/labeling).

for enterprises/multinationals based in the Netherlands with climate ambition (Scope 1 & 2) that are self-managing sourcing, trading, emitting (discharge) GOs for own/or clients and want to manage NL/EU Renewable Energy/GOs portfolio. Monitor and track GO's for own inventory, SBTi, RE100, CDP purposes with ease, efficiency, and accuracy. Track and manage inventory of bundled (PPAs or coupled GOs) and unbundled GOs from your suppliers or your own production.

instant SaaS for modernizing, digitalizing renewable energy portfolio for small/medium/large industrials, manufacturing (FMCG), cloud/IT services and Technology (Data Centers) enterprises in the Netherlands.
avoid high risk of human slips, manual errors and lapses (skilled-based) that will highly cost your enterprise using legacy/productivity softwares such as excel or Power BI files that need to be updated, upgraded, and calculated time after time over the years (lower productivity & high maintenance). Modernize monitoring and management of your renewable energy & GO business with advanced 4th. generation SaaS with an independent cloud platform.

Monitor and Track
GOs Inventory

Monitor Supplier, End-User & Third parties

Local and Foreign Attributes Tracking

Disclosure/Labeling Inventory and tracking

Free Instant
Onboarding, 1-3 hours

Pay as you go/grow, monthly subscription


Nobian is a European market leader in the production of salt, essential chemicals, and energy for industry.

Instant multi-purpose SaaS for Renewable Energy & Certificates

EMS Softmax is a cloud-based and open-source platform with innovative algorithm and modular software as a service (SaaS). It provides instant monitoring and management of portfolio of Energy (Renewable and non-Renewable) attribute certificates (EECS environmental commodities) that are compatible with the EU rules and regulations (Renewable Energy Directive, CEN 16325) for energy and climate (carbon emission absorption & avoidance schemes).

We focus to provide innovative and disruptive industry 4.0 digital platform to the marketplace to help enterprises instantly (less than a day without development) digitalize, modernize and manage renewable energy and certificates without making investments in Software, IT and maintenance. With a simple monthly subscription, we bring innovation, improve efficiency, save time and money. EMS Softmax increases collaboration for operational disciplines between internal stakeholder and can work as facing application for external stakeholders. EMS Softmax is also a useful SaaS for audit and monitoring of renewable energy generation/certificates for CDP, RE100, SBTI reporting and or other related reporting purposes.

The Benefits of EMS Softmax SaaS

“Flexible, Scalable (platform independent) Open Source Platform”

Monitor, Control Renewable Energy/GO Inventory

Monitor and Manage EU Energy Attribute Certificates portfolio (such as GO) & Renewable Energy with EMS Softmax Software as a Service. Ideal for “small” and “large” portfolios of renewable power/certificates (wind, solar, biomass, solar-thermal, water and geothermal) and non-renewable power.

EMS Softmax enables monitoring, tracking, funneling, control and audit of your renewable energy & GOs including inventory management.

EMS Softmax is a compatible with the local country registries, rules, and regulations. Monitor and manage all your Netherlands and imported foreign renewable energy/ GO’s with EMS Softmax with ease and efficiency.


See what has happened and what is happening with your inventory, trade, business, and relations. Make informed actionable decisions. Audit and control your transactions. Expand your business operational capabilities through an independent platform with industry 4.0 technology and innovation for the future.

Export your reports/data easily in Excel and make custom made reports if necessary.


Avoid high risk of human slips and lapses (skill-based) errors, and mistakes with legacy/productivity software. EMS Softmax will bring focus and stability to your operations for the long-term with no efforts.

EMS Softmax database is at all times encrypted with one of highest levels of encryption possible. EMS Softmax is equipped/deployed with encrypted user and password communication and additionally protected with google authenticator 2-factor identification providing a strong security for the users.


Bring Instant “transparency”, “collaboration” and “scale” to your team and stakeholders managing power attribute certificates, environmental commodities, disclosure technical and business information.

EMS Softmax has an intuitive interface, structured and easy to use. Within an hour, you will become an expert in using the application/platform. 


Our algorithm-based engine will arrange the necessary information for your special use of the information with deep funneling possibilities. Hereafter, at any time, from anywhere in the World, within seconds you will have access to your business activities through your modern devices such as mobile, Tabs/iPads or PC from the office or remote from any location.

It is also possible to build on demand custom interfaces for your use for your operations.


Link to power, sustainability, and your product. Manage angularity, use EMS Softmax (when needed) as stakeholder “facing application” for internal operations management saving time, effort, unneeded communication, and increase efficiency & productivity for your business and stakeholders.

Monitor/Audit your data for external and internal control, RE100 or other reporting purposes such as SBTi/CDP Make use of unlimited reporting/funneling possibilities of EMS Softmax.

Enabling enterprises to deliver innovations for energy and climate information portfolio management in a rapid, efficient, and affordable way.

EMS Softmax SaaS Impressions

Global/European multi-purpose digital platform with transparent SaaS for
operational disciplines and available to modern devices.

Your enterprise EACs and environmental commodities business information at your fingertips from anywhere in the World.

Onboarding EMS Softmax SaaS

Instant Onboarding

We know the exact process and what is needed and will guide you for onboarding. By default, for the Netherlands, this process will be straight forward, and we expect few hours of work to have you onboard of EMS Softmax. We provide 8 hours of free Onboarding and for 99% of our customers, the onboarding does not take longer than few hours (less than a day). By default, this is practically about an hour or two to onboard you on EMS Softmax.

For complementary, new interfaces or new functions or any other requirements by your enterprise to be added in our product on request, we follow our own development method & process with you to ensure smooth delivery within EMS Softmax. As a SaaS provider, the intellectual properties developed in EMS Softmax as additional work for your enterprise are always exclusive intellectual properties of Spenta B.V. 

Subscription Plans, 
EMS Softmax SaaS 

Our available modules are based on pay as you go/grow, subscription-service-based fixed fee per month and are transparent in structure and pricing.

Each Subscription Plan is supported with the following services (per Account) 
✅ Free 30 minutes support per month per account during business hours. Additional support by SLA agreement.
✅ Free Onboarding up to 8 hours per account
✅ Free application training of 1 hour per account

Single Account

Monthly Subscription

  • 1 EMS Softmax Account
  • Minimum 1 User
  • Free data usage up to 100 MB
  • Monthly redundant Back Up
  • Transparent cloud infrastructure costs with nominal margin
  • Global access with modern devices
MultiPLE Accounts

Monthly Subscription

  • 2 or more EMS Softmax Accounts
  • Minimum 2 Users
  • Free data usage up to 100 MB per Account
  • Monthly redundant Back Up
  • Transparent cloud infrastructure costs with nominal margin
  • Global access with modern devices

About Us

Spenta B.V. (Spenta Power SaaS Technologies) is a Dutch privately held technology company with routes in the Hague, the Netherlands. It has its own platform independent cloud-based digital platform and Software as a Service (SaaS) with infrastructure in the Netherlands and Germany.

Technology & Market Focus: We invest, innovate, and specialize in building Renewables SaaS & digital platform with the use of Industry 4.0 technologies (AI, Cloud, 5G, IOT, big data, open source, etc.) for the European enterprises to enable them to optimize and manage future Renewables expert/operational information.

Network: Through our company and network, we work with some of the leading corporations in several industries and brightest people, opinion makers, influencers in the Energy and Technology industry. 

Our Mission/Vision

At the core, we are a technology company with focus on the renewables, facilitating and simplifying digital impact for our clients now and in the future. We build disruptive smart technologies & solutions to help our customers manage energy and climate challenges. We believe that the future is renewables, and that smart and disruptive SaaS software should be innovated, built and promoted to improve and facilitate the EU enterprises of tomorrow to manage energy transition, transformation, and digitalization.

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For demo or your questions, feel free to contact us using the form in this section or via our chat support line on the right bottom of this website (click the chat icon).  You can also call us at 31 (0)85 060 0332 or separately email us at support@ems-soft.com at your convenience. We will get in touch with you as soon as possible.

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